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Teen Suicides:
18% of teens considered suicide within the past year, as reported by Paula Cody, MD, MPH at the 2017 American Academy of Pediatrics meeting . Females are twice as likely as males to consider suicide; and high risk factors include: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, and the LGBT population.

According to a report from the AAP 2017 (Ian Lacy): Tattooing and piercing are no longer taboo, but 37% of human resource managers consider tattoos as limiting career potential. Also, those having these procedures done should consider "the sanitary and hygienic practices of the tattoo parlor and tattoo artist."

New recommendations on sleep duration from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics):

Ages 4-12 months 12-16 hours
Ages 1-2 years 11-14 hours
Ages 3-5 years 10-13 hours
Ages 6-12 years 9-12 hours
Ages 13-18 years 8-10 hours

To reduce SIDS, the safest sleep recommendations from the AAP:
Supine positioning
Use a firm sleep surface
Avoid soft bedding

Digital Media Suggestions/ Thoughts:
A limit of 1 hour daily for pre-schoolers ( I think it should be half of that recommendation)
Children who overuse digital media complete homework less often

From the October 2016 AAP National Conference:
The same day return to play after a concussion is common among youth athletes. This is ludicrous; but there are concussion protocols now that every school and parent should follow

A fatal measles complication (Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis)  is much more common than previously thought. The way to prevent that is to have your child immunized at the proper age.

In a recent 2016 study, E-cigarette use by older high school students promotes the risk for smoking by a 4:1 margin.

In the August 2016 issue of Infectious Diseases in Children, it was reported that we are nearing the final stages of eliminating polio.

Seattle investigators recently found that "less exposure to screen violence improves pre-schoolers' behavior" in a report in the May 2013 issue of Contemporary Pediatrics.

In another study reported in the same magazine, 20 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise leads to improved academics and improved behavior in children with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder).

In studies of child abuse, child abuse occurs in 29-60 percent of families in which there is spousal/ partner violence.

The web site of the US government's Center for Disease Control in Atlanta provides information about infections and other health topics. Here is a link - CDC

Uncircumcised boys have a 23 percent increased risk of a urinary tract infection than a circumcised male.

70-80 percent of patients outgrow milk and egg allergies, while 10-20 percent outgrow peanut allergies.

One third of children with early hearing loss pass the newborn screening test.